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Bruno David Gallery (Buzz Spector: New Work)

BRUNO DAVID GALLERY (Grand Center), Installation View of "BUZZ SPECTOR: New Work", September 2014

Bruno David Projects

BRUNO DAVID PROJECTS (The Grove), Installation view of "CINDY TOWER: Road Show", October 2014

Specializing in contemporary art, Bruno David Gallery (2005) and Bruno David Projects (2014) have been leading art galleries since their establishment in Saint Louis. Bruno David represents some of the most innovative artists practicing in St. Louis, along with artists of international reputation. The Gallery has two locations. One in Grand Center (Grand Center website) and the other in The Grove neighborhood (The Grove website). In the Grand Center arts district, the Gallery is directly opposite the Pulitzer Arts Foundation and the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, and is in close proximity to the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, Saint Louis University Museum of Art, Sheldon Art Galleries, The Fox Theatre, and Powell Symphony Hall. In the Grove, the gallery is located one block from Manchester Avenue. Bruno David Gallery and Bruno David projects’s art programs introduces new contemporary art to gallery visitors, and is discussed in publications including, Art in America, Art Papers, ArtNet Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

Bruno L. David
Bruno David Gallery & Bruno David Projects
Owner and Director
Biography of the Director (pdf)

3721 Washington Boulevard
St. Louis, Missouri 63108-3611 USA
Assistant-Directors: Yoko Kiyoi and Cleo Azariadis
Phone: 1.314.531.3030
Email: info | at | brunodavidgallery | dot | com
Hours: Wednesday thru Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm
Also open by private appointment

1245 S. Vandeventer Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110
Director: Keri Robertson
Contact: Email: info | at | brunodavidprojects | dot | com
Website: brunodavidprojects.com (LINK)
Phone: 314-449-6438
Hours: Wednesday and Saturday: Noon to 5 pm
Also open by private appointment

Eilleen Milford
Daniel Stumeier
Lindsay A. Ohlemeier
Jackie Jevorutsky

Art Catalogues from Bruno David Gallery Publications
can be view as Ebook at ISSUU (LINK) and are available for purchase at LULU (LINK)

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