Bill Kohn (Estate)
American (1931-2004))

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Bill Kohn was born, worked, and lived in St. Louis as a painter celebrated for his use of vibrant color and dizzying perspectives in his paintings of significant places around the world. In his work, he illuminated the architecture and landscapes of places such as the Duomo in Florence, Machu Picchu in Peru, the bridges of Paris, the Grand Canyon, and, in his work begun in 2002 and continued until his death in 2004, the historic and modern buildings around Grand Boulevard in St. Louis. Of this body of work, Kohn has stated, Grand Center series as a landscape embodies forces of creativity, decay, restoration, preservation, learning and innovation, interacting over time in the heart of a metropolitan region, whose rich character is often overlooked by its own residents, demonstrating his interest in bringing to light the culture and history of the city through his work.

These paintings of Grand Center reveal just why urban renewal of the downtown area is so important. In addition to painting, Kohn had a 40-year teaching career at Washington University School of Art in St. Louis, where he guided the creative and skill development of thousands of students while encouraging countless others in the visual arts, music, writing, and theater. Involved in numerous solo and group exhibitions, Kohn exhibited across the United States as well as internationally in Japan, India, and Mexico.

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