Chris D. Smith
Lives and works in Chicago
In contemporary art making, the languages of abstraction are almost inextricable from their academic and theoretical histories, but instead of simply reiterating any of these well-worn dialogues, he opts to only sample them. Chris D. Smiths artwork focuses on attention to emotional detail. He uses his experiences to bind tension, experience [as in through time], and harmony as a result of contrasting organic and geometric forms to enlighten the viewers perceptions and enhance human cerebral capacities. Purposefully exposing the layered history of paintings, he instills the works with a complexity that mirrors that of a personal experience. His paintings reminiscence the pains, joys, failures, challenges, and accomplishments he has experienced throughout his life, therefore essentially creating never-ending opportunities to continue his practice.

He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a MA from Eastern Illinois University, and a BS-Information Systems from the College of Business at Northern Illinois University. Chris lives and works in Chicago.

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