Ingo Baumgarten
German, (Born 1964), Lives and works in Taoyuan, Taiwan.
German artist Ingo Baumgarten is interested in commenting, often ironically, on banal aspects of everyday life by representing them as motives of his art. He is interested in demonstrating his individual view of the world around him without glorifying or condemning it. He would consider his work as a painter successful if it enables the spectator to adopt a more complex and altered perception of his surroundings afterwards. Baumgarten uses paint rather than photographs to portray these objects and details because it provides a better medium for formulating an individual point of view. This point of view, created by the artist's hand, has a personal and human quality about it that intimately connects with the spectator.

Mr. Baumgarten most recent exhibitions were at the Kao Yuan Art Museum in Kaosiung, Taiwan and, at the Bruno David Gallery.

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