Pilferage (Gallery 3)

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Bruno David is please to present Pilferage, Jacob Laws' first curated exhibition with the gallery.

Pilferage is an innovative view of the merging of art with design, featuring the works of a wide range of artists represented by the gallery. Jacob Laws unique vision brings a connection between separate aesthetics in a collaboration that could otherwise seem like a collection of misfit pieces; instead, a transformation of space into a creation of wonder, fluidity and enlightenment. This success lies in connecting components and the space they inhabit in such a way as to create a growing, ever-evolving bond between design, individual, and art.

Jacob Laws was raised and resides in St. Louis. Laws style prowess isnt contained and focused on one medium. With an understanding that his experience and education in the arts has brought him to where he is now in his career, his passion was realized and he found his niche within the creative world as Senior Interior Designer for seven years before launching his own brand, Jacob Laws Interior Design.

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