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Multidisciplinary artist Maya Escobar premieres a single-channel video titled "you and your friends vol. 1. The video places together video footage shot at a house party by the artist and her friends in 2002 and a repeated series of words generated by the artist in 2006, reflecting on her life back in 2002. The left side of the screen flashes with text representing major events of the artist's 19th yearas she recalled them four years later, while the right side plays recently edited footage taken during the year indexed by the text. The video juxtaposes the casual sarcasm of the hip hoppers gone wild with the obsessive cataloguing of a year of one's life, to create moments of dissonance and agreement, confusion and clarity. The piece examines the capacity humans have to construct our own evolving identity. It is a level of control unique to us. you and your friends vol. 1 is an attempt to analyze and give structure to that process.

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