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Nov 21, 2014 - Jan 10, 2015

Tom Reed: everybody knows this is nowhere
Laura Beard: The Ravenna Suite (Project Room).
Amy-Enkelmann-Reed: Walk with me (New Media Room)

Bruno David is delighted to present three special exhibitions, everyone knows this is nowhere by Tom Reed; The Ravenna Suite by Laura Beard in the Project Room and, Walk with me by Amy Enkelmann-Reed in the New Media Room.

In "everyone knows this is nowhere", the artwork by Tom Reed is rustic in appearance and in mood. The pieces are often characterized by colorfully muted tree stumps, teepees, totem poles, and flowers; however, instead of a blank canvas, Reed begins most of his paintings on pages torn out of coloring books or word finds, which show through the layered paint and add new dimension and character. This process allows him to "start his work with a dialogue." 

"The Ravenna Suite" is Laura Beard's third solo exhibition with the gallery. This exhibition in the Project Room is organized by Cleo Azariadis.
Beard writes on this new series of work "Working from the tenant that nonobjective painting in its purest form is both conceptual and primal, I am constantly drawn to the elemental force that remains painting's highest potential. The Ravenna Suite is based on a recent summer residency in Italy and Austria in 2014."

In the New Media Room, the gallery presents a new video work by Amy Enkelmann-Reed. "Walk with me is an extension of my practice in focused attention and observation. Interruptions have become the norm and genuine moments of listening and being present are less and less familiar. Walks allow me the chance to directly experience internal thoughts. Thought clutter as the soundtrack in nature lies in contrast to the cell phone, text vibration, or air conditioners cranking on. I am interested in unplanned, stolen moments always seeking metaphors that reflect on our cultures current preoccupations and movement towards the loss of real moments of observation."

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